December 26th, 2012

Youth/Teen Pastor Indicted in Sex Abuse Case

Earlier this month, a youth pastor in Virginia Beach was indicted on five counts of child sexual abuse. The pastor, from Chesapeake, Virginia, was indicted on five (5) counts of Custodial Indecent Liberties. These charges stem from allegations of abuse of three victims between 1999 and 2006, when he was a youth pastor at Real Life Christian Church.

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-370.1, an adult is guilty of a Class 6 felony when acting in a custodial or supervisory role over a child, he or she engages in the following behavior:

  • asking a child to touch the adult’s sexual or genital parts,
  • asking a child to allow the adult to touch the child’s sexual or genital parts,
  • asking a child to perform any act of sexual intercourse,
  • exposing his or her sexual or genital parts to a child,
  • asking a child to expose his or her sexual or genital parts,
  • asking a child to engaging in sexual intercourse, or
  • otherwise sexually abusing a child.

Anyone with information about any sexual abuse in the state of Virginia is urged to contact the local prosecuting office. The Virginia Beach prosecuting office can be contacted at (757) 385-4401 or by email at

Liability of Pastors, Priests & Churches in Child Sex Abuse Cases

In many states, pastors, priest and the churches where they work can be held liable for the abuse in both the criminal and civil justice system. The abusing pastor or priest can be held liable directly and the churches/associations which knowingly allowed the abuse to happen may also face liability. As more brave victims come forward and report the abuses committed on them, we can expect that more pastors and priests will face criminal and civil liability.

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