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December 27th, 2012

I slipped on an icy sidewalk in Philadelphia. Can I sue the homeowner?

A: Under Pennsylvania slip and fall law, homeowners and business owners must take reasonable care of sidewalks in front of homes or businesses. What is reasonable depends on the circumstances. There must be evidence of negligence.

Slipping and falling on ice, in and of itself, is not evidence of negligence. However, if the ice existed on the sidewalk in large, excessive amounts or for a long period of time, the owner may be held liable. For example, in melt and refreeze situations where snow melts and refreezes again, the owner may be held liable for failing to shovel or salt the sidewalk in a timely manner. Learn more about liability in a snow/ice melt and refreeze situation in Pennsylvania.

Proving the Existence of Ice/Snow on a Sidewalk

Having photos will be helpful to demonstrate that excessive ice was present on the sidewalk. In many cases, no photos are available. While photos are the best evidence, other testimony from witnesses, including the injured person, can also establish excessive ice on a sidewalk.

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