March 10th, 2014

Nail Gun Accidents Can Cause Loss of an Eye

 Is the Nail Gun Company/Manufacturer Liable?

Last week, a young contractor from NJ lost his eye after a nail gun accident. According to a report, the contractor was working on a house in Maplewood when his nail gun accidentally fired into his eye. The eye was never recovered at the scene. He was taken to a local hospital in Newark and is recovering. Source:, Contractor loses eye in nail gun accident in Maplewood

Nail Gun Accidents & Injuries – Is the Nail Gun Manufacturer Liable?

In cases when a nail gun accidentally fires, the injured party may be able to bring two kinds of claims: a defective product injury claim and a negligence claim, or both.

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When nail guns are manufactured or designed improperly, they can fire sideways, resulting in injuries to the head, face or neck. Eye injuries are actually much more common than most nail gun users realize. Defective product injury cases involving nail guns may also include claims that the manufacturer failed to provide proper warnings about using the nail gun.

Negligence claims may also be made in a nail gun misfire accident case. Parties potentially liable for negligence in causing a nail gun accident include:

  • a power tool retailer,
  • a power tool rental company, and/or
  • a power tool maintenance company.

The basis of a negligence claim is either doing something you should not do or failing to do something you should do. In nail gun accident cases, negligence claims may be pursued on account of a company’s failure to properly maintain a product, essentially placing a dangerous product in the hands of an unsuspecting consumer.

How to Bring a Defective Nail Gun Accident Case

Bringing a successful defective nail gun accident case requires consulting with a nail gun accident lawyer who has experience going up against large nail gun and power tool manufacturing companies. It is crucial to keep the nail gun so that it can be tested by experts who can establish exactly how it malfunctioned and why.

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