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December 5th, 2013

Nail Gun Accident Lawyers @ Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan

Nail guns are increasingly popular, due in large part to the massive growth of the home improvement industry. Nail guns are readily accessible at most neighborhood hardware and home improvement stores. The problem is that most homeowners are simply unaware of how to properly use a nail gun. In addition, like all other products, nail guns may be defective. Therefore, nail gun accidents can occur.

Nail Guns Discharging Sideways

Nail gun accidents or misfires which occur when the nail gun discharges sideways are actually common. This past year, the nail gun accident lawyers at this firm handled two complex nail gun accident cases in which the clients suffered major eye injuries when the nail guns discharged sideways. Both cases settled before trial for about $1,000,000 each.

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The Sequential Trigger Versus the Contact Trip Trigger

Nail guns are manufactured with either a sequential trigger or a contact trip trigger. The sequential trigger is by far, the safer of the two nail gun designs. The sequential trigger requires that the nail gun nose be pressed down before it can be fired. The contact trip trigger does not. Contact trip trigger nail guns can be fired much like firearms or guns; they only need to be pointed and shot. Bystander injuries are very common in nail gun misfire cases. Nail gun accident cases which occurred due to a nail firing sideways or due to an issue with the trigger may require filing a products liability lawsuit. Read more about nail guns and product liability lawsuits.

Damages in a Nail Gun Accident Lawsuit

Those who are injured in a nail gun misfire accident may be able to receive fair financial compensation from nail gun manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Determining the viability of a nail gun accident lawsuit requires careful evaluation of the case and the nail gun itself. Therefore, it is vital that the nail gun be preserved, so that an expert can determine whether the nail gun was in fact, defective.


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