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August 8th, 2014

Sex Abuse & Molestation is Perpetrated by People from All Walks of Life

Sexual abuse and molestation is perpetrated by those from all walks of life. No matter the socioeconomic status, the profession or the age, sex abuse can be perpetrated by literally, anyone. Only recently, has the extent of the problem come to light. With increased media attention brought on by the Philadelphia church sex abuse scandal and the Penn State Sandusky scandal, more and more victims are stepping forward and getting the help they need. These scandals aren’t isolated; they have only recently scratched the surface.

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In the past few years, the national dialogue has centered on sexual abuse, sexual assault and molestation. As a result, we’ve seen increased reports of people from all walks of life who have been found guilty of perpetrating acts of sex abuse against the most harmless and innocent of victims – children.

Sexual Abuse by Professionals (Doctors, Counselors, Etc.)

Some of the most shocking perpetrators of sexual abuse are professionals who abuse children and adults under the guise of providing professional services. Two recent cases involved a Delaware court judge and a Delaware pediatrician.

Over 2 years ago, a sitting state court judge admitted to sexually abusing a young boy several years ago. By the time the victim became an adult and was able to come to terms with the abuse, the case was barred by the Delaware statute of limitations. However, the victim was able to file the lawsuit against the judge due to a special law that opened a window for victims of child molestation whose cases were time-barred. The judge issued a written apology, paid a financial sum to the victim, and was eventually disbarred. Read more about Guy D’Andrea’s handling of this monumental sex abuse case against the judge.

Private & Public Schools

As illustrated by the Penn State sex abuse scandal, educators and those we trust with our children can be capable of committing sex abuse. Teachers, coaches, principals, etc., are equally capable of grooming young children and then sexually abusing them. In fact, just last month, a special education teacher in New York pled guilty to raping a 10 year old female student.

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School sex abuse occurs in both private and public schools, including day care centers, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. No type of school or institution is safe.

Religious Institutions

Sex abuse also occurs in a religious setting, such as a church or synagogue. The Catholic church sex abuse scandal is probably one of the most widely publicized. However, there have been other equally egregious cases of sex abuse occurring in other religious institutions. Take for instance, the NY Jewish community sex abuse scandal.

The single most important factor in preventing child sex abuse is knowledge. Children must be taught about safe, appropriate contact with adults and must be provided a safe way to talk about the abuse. Otherwise, the cycle of abuse continues.

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