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November 5th, 2012

Pennsylvania Hotel Accident Lawyer Tip – The One Thing You Must Do After a Hotel Accident

Pennsylvania Hotel Accident Lawyer Tip – The One Thing You Must Do After a Hotel Accident

Hotels, motels, and conference centers are usually very busy places with high levels of activity, especially in large cities like Philadelphia or New York. People from all over the country and world stay in hotels. To a large extent, hotel guests rely on the establishment for their safety.

When an accident occurs at a hotel, whether a slip and fall or a trip and fall, the one thing the injured guest should do is report the accident to management and also be sure to take photos of the thing which caused the accident.

Reporting a Hotel Accident to Management

Many times, a hotel accident occurs and the injured guest does nothing about it. In many instances, an injury might not be readily apparent. For example, someone with a broken bone could get up from a slip and fall accident and walk away. Within an hour or so, the nature of the injury becomes apparent and the person goes to the hospital and does not think to report the accident to anyone at the establishment. Then, later, when the person must file suit due to the mountain of medical bills and lost wages, they may have a more difficult time proving how the accident occurred. Click here to read more about hotel liability for slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania.

When an accident is reported to hotel management, the manager will file an incident report. This is standard protocol in nearly all hotel accident scenarios. That incident report will note the date and time of the accident, as well as what occurred and what was done in response. If there were witnesses, they will be/should be interviewed by management. The incident report is like proof that the accident occurred. If there is video footage of the accident, many times, management will pull the footage aside. Video is the best way to prove what actually occurred.

Obtain Proof of the Thing Which Caused the Slip & Fall or Trip & Fall Accident

Even if there is no video footage, the injured person should be sure to take photos of what actually caused the accident. Taking a picture with a phone is fine. If you cannot take photos yourself, have someone take them for you.

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