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December 12th, 2017

Pennsylvania Child Sex Abuse/Molestation News – Karate Instructor in Montgomery County Arrested

Last month, a karate instructor in Montgomery County was accused of sexually assaulting students.  Evan Burgess, who is 26 years old and from Blue Bell, was a karate instructor at a local martial arts studio, DeStolfo’s Premier Martial Arts Studio, in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.  Burgess was accused of sexually assaulting teenage students during sleepovers in the basement of his home and on trips to out of state martial arts tournaments in New York and Maryland.  Three minors have come forward so far, and all three reported waking up while sleeping in the same room with the instructor and finding him performing sexual acts on them.

According to prosecutors, Burgess groomed the three minors through interactions during karate lessons and pursued them on social media.  The minors’ parents reported the alleged abuse to the studio, and Burgess was fired earlier this year in May.

However, it was not until September, four months after receiving an anonymous tip that Whitpain Township Police and Montgomery County Children and Youth Services began investigating the allegations.

When the investigation finally began, Burgess had already moved to Auburn, Massachusetts and found a job as a karate instructor.

Unfortunately, this incident isn’t the first time that a martial arts instructor has been accused of sexually molesting their students.

Karate Instructor Arrested After Being Accused of Molesting a 7 Year Old Girl in Georgia

In August of this year, a martial arts instructor in Griffin, Georgia was arrested after being accused of molesting a child during summer karate camp.  The 50 year old instructor Daniel George allegedly touched a 7 year old girl’s “private area” during a summer camp.  The little girl told her mom who then reported to the police.  George allegedly told the little girl to promise not to tell her mother about the incident.

Karate Instructor Arrested After Being Accused of Molesting a 15 Year Old Girl in Maryland

In October 2017, another karate instructor was arrested after he allegedly had inappropriate contact with a 15 year old girl.  Frank Yul Pugarita is a karate instructor and owned a karate studio in Gaithersburg, Maryland for about 10 years.  He allegedly began the inappropriate touching between January and June 2017 during lessons.  The police believe that there were additional victims.

Help for Victims After Sexual Assault and Molestation

Parents want the best for their children, and they hope that their children will never be victims of sex abuse.  Unfortunately, it does can and does happen.  There is justice for the victims.  Firm partner, Guy D’Andrea, is a former sex crime unit prosecutor and now represents minors and victims of sex abuse in civil cases.  Mr. he is passionate about obtaining justice for his client victims.

If you or a loved one was a victim of sex abuse by a karate instructor, teacher, etc., call Mr. he to schedule a FREE consultation.  Mr. he has been featured in local and national news about his expertise in civil child molestation and sex abuse cases.  (866) 641-0806/Click To Call


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