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August 15th, 2017

NJ Company Fined $1.9 Million After OSHA Finds 50 Violations

Camden, NJ Manufacturing Co. Cited for 50 OSHA Violations, Gets $1.9 Million Fine

Last month, an aluminum manufacturing company received a whopping $1.9 million fine based on dozens of OSHA violations at its plant in Delair (Camden County, NJ). Aluminum Shapes manufactures aluminum for many industries including construction, transportation, auto, machinery, etc.

The New Jersey company received multiple citations, which included a total of 51 alleged violations, after a workplace inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in January 2017.

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According to a recent news release from OSHA, the company has been inspected 8 times since 2011 and has been cited for 60 violations and received over $500,000 in penalties. The January 2017 inspection was its 10th inspection. See, Aluminum manufacturing company’s history of safety violations continues, putting employees at Camden County facility at risk of serious injuries; https://www.osha.gov/news/newsreleases/region2/07212017.

The January 2017 inspection resulted in 4 citations with multiple types of alleged violations, which include:

  • improper use of ladders,
  • failure to use guardrails/toe boards,
  • failure to provide personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • failure to provide employee training on proper use of PPE (when PPE is necessary, how to wear PPE, etc.),
  • failure to use appropriate respirators,
  • failure to evaluate chemical exposure hazards,
  • allowing employees to operate a forklift with a ram rod attachment that was manufactured in house,
  • failure to guard points of operation of machinery for metal stretching, saw operations, etc.
  • failure to use lockout/tagout procedures,
  • failure to use safety work practices to prevent electric shock where work was performed near equipment or circuits that were/could be energized, and
  • failure to record work related deaths, injuries or illnesses.

Here’s a breakdown of the 51 violations with their penalties:

  • 25 serious violations ($250,000)
  • 8 willful ($1,000,000)
  • 17 repeat ($700,000)
  • 1 other than serious ($2,000)

NJ Work Injuries – Prevention Through OSHA Compliance

OSHA is tasked with workplace safety and one of its functions is enforcing work safety regulations. OSHA regulations must be followed in order to prevent work accidents. The reality is that the majority of work injuries are preventable. Employers must take OSHA regulations and workplace safety seriously. Companies which violate OSHA regulations face stiff fines, which were actually increased last year.

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