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August 16th, 2017

IKEA Chests/Dressers Recall Notice – Get a Refund or Wall Anchor

Tip Over Risk, Safety Issue for Young Kids

Last summer, IKEA issued a sweeping recall of over 80 models of dressers (3, 4, 5 and 6 drawers). The July 2016 recall followed a 2015 recall of various MALM model dressers after the furniture maker was sued for multiple tip over deaths involving young children.

The Swedish company ultimately paid millions of dollars to the families of three children who were killed when MALM dressers toppled over, crushing the young toddlers.

In the July recall notice, which is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, the recall was expanded to include dozens of other models, including the popular HEMNES model. The recall applies to chests and dressers manufactured and sold through June 2016.

Per the 2015 recall notice, the initial remedy offered was a free wall anchor device. The July 2016 recall notice was much more expansive, offering free installation of the wall anchor or a refund. This summer, IKEA has been issuing email reminders about the recall.

What to Do If You Have an IKEA Dresser

1. Check to see if your model is included in the recall.

IKEA Dresser Recall Model Date InfoTo see whether your dresser is subject to the recall, check the product label on the inside of the top or side frame of the unit for a date code lower than 1622. You may have to remove the top drawers to locate the label.

The model is indicated in the upper left hand corner of the label, and the date code is located on the far right side, as a four digit code. Only models manufactured/sold before July 2016, i.e., have a date code lower than 1622, are part of the recall. Scroll down to see a full list of recalled models.

2. Choose a remedy.

IKEA is currently offering multiple remedies:

  1. Order a free wall anchoring kit by visiting https://info.ikea-usa.com/secureitkits.
  2. Have IKEA come to your home and install the anchor kit for you. Email IKEA at secureit@ikea.com.
  3. Return the dresser to your IKEA store for a refund.
  4. Have IKEA pick up the dresser at your home and issue a refund. Email IKEA at secureit@ikea.com.

List of Recalled Dressers


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