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There are many tools on job sites. When you need to secure roofing materials, deck planks, or fencing, the nail gun is the best choice. Even if you take all the precautions to protect yourself from injuries, there are times when an incident can occur.

As a result, you are left with a serious injury to the hands, feet, or other parts of the body. In turn, the incident leaves you with substantial medical bills and lost wages.

There is help. At Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan, we know that these accidents can affect both professional workers and home improvement enthusiasts. In these cases, you may be able to prevent complications beyond traditional workers’ compensation claims.

Reach out to our Philadelphia nail gun injury lawyer to see which options are available for your case.

Nail Gun Injury Cases

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nail guns cause tens of thousands of painful injuries each year. Nail gun injuries are common. In fact, one study found that two out of five residential carpenter apprentices experienced a nail gun injury over four years.

Nail gun injuries can be an occupational hazard, affecting professionals across various industries and those individuals engaging in do-it-yourself projects. In fact, there are nearly 37,000 emergency room visits attributed to nail gun accidents per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Nail guns are often used for roofing, siding, framing, subflooring, decking, fencing, and sheathing projects. However, home improvers may also grab these tools to help with their project around the home. In any situation, you need to proceed with caution, or you could end up with serious injuries.

Nail guns can reach velocities of up to 1,400 feet per second, making them capable of causing major damage upon impact. Skin penetration can occur at speeds as low as 150 feet per second, while bone fractures may occur at even lower speeds, starting from 195 feet per second.

Most nail gun injuries involve soft tissue. Usually, the non-dominant hand is the area most affected. However, the chest, neck, head, and abdominal regions can also be affected.

Some cases are fatal, especially where there is an injury to the spine, head, neck, or eyes. If not fatal, injuries to these areas usually result in brain injury, fractures, paralysis, and blindness. Most of these injuries are caused by:

  • Direct penetration: Nails from nail guns can pierce tissues directly, causing deep and penetrating wounds that can result in damage.
  • Shrapnel wounds: In some cases, exploding cartridges can cause shrapnel injuries. In turn, that can cause a wide area of tissue damage beyond the initial point of impact.
  • High-pressure injection: The compressed air used to activate the nail gun can cause injection injuries. Unfortunately, that can further damage the already injured area.

Causes of Nail Gun Injuries

Unfortunately, nail gun accidents are common, and they can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

Failure of Safety Devices

Nail guns are equipped with safety features, such as sequential triggers, to prevent accidental discharges. However, if these safety devices fail, unintended nail firing can occur, which can, in turn, cause injuries to the user or nearby individuals.

Insufficient Training

There is a learning curve to operating these tools. All employers need to ensure their workers have the proper training on nail gun operation and safety procedures. Without this training, users may not fully understand how to handle the tool safely. Mishandling or misuse of the nail gun is a common factor in accidents.

Inadequate Safety Operating Procedures

All power tools will have safety guidelines for users to follow. When workers do not adhere to these protocols, injuries are likely. Workers must maintain a safe distance from the nail gun’s discharge area or properly secure the workpiece. Otherwise, job sites can have nail gun-related incidents.

Defective Design or Manufacturing Flaws

Accidents can still happen even if you abide by the latest safety protocols. Some nail guns may have defective designs or manufacturing flaws, which can pose a danger to users. Misfires or double fires due to design or manufacturing defects can result in unexpected nail discharges, which can lead to serious injuries on the job.

Lack of Warnings

All products need clear warnings about their potential hazards. Proper labeling and warnings help users understand the potential risks. They will also know how to use the right personal protective equipment to prevent injuries.

If you have been injured in a nail gun incident, you can hold a liable party accountable for their actions. Working with a Philadelphia nail gun injury lawyer can help you determine who the at fault individuals or entities are in your case.

Rights of Those Injured in Nail Gun Accidents

With the potential or severe injuries from a nail gun accident, these incidents can make a major impact on the lives of those who have been injured. In some cases, it can cause permanent death or even death in a few cases. For that reason, legal options are available, allowing the injured person to sue claims against multiple parties.

In cases of nail gun accidents, the potential liable parties often extend beyond the immediate employer. Since Pennsylvania has workers’ compensation laws, the injured worker can file paperwork to receive these benefits. They do not have to prove any negligence on the part of their employer. Instead, they need to show that the injury occurred on the job.

Workers’ compensation will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. However, an injured worker is not entitled to other damages, such as pain and suffering.

While some may believe this is the end of their compensation options, that is not true. In some situations, injured workers can pursue additional claims against third parties, such as:

  • Contractors and subcontractors: On many job sites, there is a wide range of workers. For some jobs, contractors and subcontractors are used to completing certain portions of the projects. These parties could be liable for any injuries if they were negligent and contributed to the accident.
  • Manufacturers: All products must be designed with the strictest safety features. If a product does not have warnings or has a defective component that leads to an accident, Nail gun manufacturers can be held liable under product liability
  • Distributors and retailers: Along with the manufacturers of the faulty product, retailers, and distributors can also be held accountable for selling these tools. Liability can also extend to those in the supply chain. Many times, this happens because of issues related to defective design or inadequate warnings about the product’s use.

Whether you are a worker or a do-it-yourselfer, you may be unable to file a legal claim against a third party for your nail gun injuries.

Why You Need Legal Assistance for Your Case

Injured workers often focus on workers ‘ compensation after a nail gun accident. While workers’ compensation can provide financial support, it may not cover all the damages stemming from the incident.

When you seek legal consultation with an experienced nail gun accident lawyer in Philadelphia, it can be necessary in several ways.

In any case, you need a thorough investigation to identify the root cause of the accident. A qualified attorney will analyze the incident, gather evidence, and determine whether negligence, product defects, or unsafe working conditions contributed to the injury. Additionally, they can determine if other parties may share liability for the accident.

While worker’s compensation covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages, it may not address long-term impacts, such as pain and suffering or permanent disability. Working with a lawyer can determine the basis for additional claims. With that, you can explore all possible avenues for compensation.

Finally, time is essential in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Pennsylvania’s statutes of limitations limit the time frame for filing claims. If you miss those deadlines, you could lose your opportunity to seek compensation from those liable parties.

Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan Is Here To Assist with Your Nail Gun Injury Claim

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury can be overwhelming. Having a dedicated legal advocate allows you to focus on your recovery while knowing that your legal rights and financial interests are being pursued.

Nail gun accidents often lead to debilitating injuries and lifelong consequences. Whether through a workers’ comp claim, personal injury lawsuit, or product liability claim, you may have a few legal options for your case.

At Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan, we can help you determine the right course of action for your case. We have a team of experienced legal professionals ready to help you and your family during this time. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team can assist with your potential legal claim, helping you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Schedule a consultation with a Philadelphia nail gun injury lawyer at our office today.

  • $4 Million

    Construction worker suffered serious brain injury after falling 20 feet due to lack of required fall protection

  • $2.75 Million

    Dock worker run over by a forklift at a cruise ship terminal causing catastrophic injuries

  • $925,000

    Nail gun defect case that cause permanent injuries to a worker

  • $1 Million

    Nail gun accident where nail gun discharged sideways resulting in a nail hitting user’s eye

  • $1 Million

    A union carpenter fell through an interior mobile scaffold while at work, suffering bilateral calcaneal fractures

  • $4 Million

    A construction worker fell 20 feet because he was not provided with fall protection

  • $8.5 Million

    A construction accident involving a union roofer who was working without fall protection and fell from a roof resulting in a permanent paraplegic injury

  • $1 Million

    On the job injury to a union carpenter who fell through an interior mobile scaffold, suffering bilateral calcaneal fractures

  • $1 Million

    Factory supervisor’s hand was crushed at work due to faulty equipment/machine.

  • $1.5 million

    Worker sustained severe burn injuries as a result of an electrical explosion.

  • $2 Million

    Chemical exposure causing burn and inhalation injuries to three union carpenters.

  • $13 Million

    Work accident resulting in an above the knee amputation of the worker’s leg

  • $13 Million

    Philadelphia Kimmel Center construction collapse causing catastrophic injuries

  • $101 Million

    Parking garage collapse at an Atlantic City, New Jersey hotel, killing 4 and injuring 30 (largest construction accident settlement in U.S. history)

  • $1.8 Million

    Stadium demolition accident which occurred when a front loader fell through a ceiling (Philadelphia, PA)

  • $2.8 Million

    Forklift accident at marine terminal in New Jersey

  • $13 Million

    Crane accident resulting in leg amputation and other injuries during casino construction (Philadelphia, PA)

  • Confidential Multi-Million Dollar Recovery

    Construction worker killed when he came into contact with an uncapped, live electrical wire

  • $1 million

    The on the job injury to a union carpenter who fell through an interior mobile scaffold while at work, suffering bilateral calcaneal fractures

  • $1 million

    Injuries on the job incurred by a factory supervisor when his hand was crushed at work due to faulty equipment

  • $1.5 million

    Injuries incurred in a workplace accident on the job where plaintiff sustained severe burn injuries as a result of an electrical explosion

  • $2 million

    An inadvertent release of dangerous chemicals at a local oil company, causing on the job burn and inhalation injuries to three union carpenters

  • $4 million

    Construction worker suffered serious brain injury after falling 20 feet due to lack of required fall protection

  • $5 million

    A construction accident on the job where union laborer was killed while working on the fourth floor of a building because there was no fall protection

  • $8.5 million

    A construction accident on the job involving union roofer who was working without fall protection and fell from a roof resulting in permanent paraplegic injury

  • $12 million

    A construction accident on the job involving union roofer who fell from a roof because there was no fall protection and suffered quadriplegia

  • Six-figure settlement

    Nail gun accident where nail gun discharged sideways resulting in a nail hitting user’s eye

  • $7,500,000

    Union carpenter sustained serious shoulder injuries when he fell after stepping on another contractor’s debris

  • Seven Figure Recovery

    The on the job injury to a union carpenter who fell through an interior mobile scaffold while at work, suffering bilateral calcaneal fractures

  • $101 million

    The collapse of a parking garage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City that injured over 30 construction workers on the job and killed 4 men working on the project (largest construction accident settlement in U.S. history).

  • $1.1 million

    Against a fraternity for negligently serving alcohol which resulted in a stabbing assault of two frat party attendees

  • $2.5 million

    A workplace accident on the job resulting in below-the-knee amputation of the plaintiff’s right leg

  • $2.5 million

    An on the job injury where an union carpenter fell on a construction site and was injured because of defective fall protection equipment

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