February 6th, 2013

Hotel Security Lapses – Hotel Safety Tips

How many times have you gotten into an elevator to go to your hotel room, used your key card to activate the elevator and a stranger gets on the elevator? They don’t use their key card; they might not even have one. This kind of scenario is common.

Folks who stay in a hotel often let their guards down, treating hotel rooms like bedrooms. Hotel guests also assume that they are safe in other areas of the hotel, like gyms, pools, hallways, etc.  The reality is that hotels can be dangerous places. In fact, last month, a man in South Carolina was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor/hotel guest in the hotel’s steam room. Source: http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/20660980/teen-says-30-year-old-assaulted-him-in-hotel-steam-room.

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Here are some safety tips when staying in a hotel, especially in a large city like Philadelphia or New York:

  • Pay attention to where the hotel is (i.e., is it in a safe, busy area?).
  • Pay attention to your surroundings (do not be alone for long periods of time in places like a hotel gym, pool, etc.).
  • Know where your fire escape routes are.
  • If your room is on a lower level, like the ground or first floor, check the window locks.
  • Never leave your hotel room door propped open, for any reason.
  • Use deadbolts or other locks when you’re in the room. You can also use a door wedge to prevent the door from opening when you’re sleeping.
  • When closing your hotel room door, make sure it is actually closed and locked. Keyless entry systems are subject to failure and doors can get out of alignment. So check at least twice to ensure the door is actually shut and locked, especially when sleeping.
  • Do not open the door for anyone, even if they appear to be a hotel employee. Call the front desk to verify the identity of the person before letting them in.
  • If any lights are not working (hallways, parking lot, etc.), report them immediately to management.
  • If you’re the victim of crime, file both a police report and a hotel incident report.

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