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Whether driving on the Blue Route or Lancaster Avenue, you may encounter trucks moving cargo throughout the country. Truck accidents are common. There were 7,522 crashes on Pennsylvania roads, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

If you or a family member has been affected by a truck crash, contact Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan today. After a consultation with our Haverford truck accident lawyer, you can better understand your rights. Consultations are free.

Have You Been Injured in One of These Trucking Collisions?

Unfortunately, truck accidents can occur in several ways throughout Haverford. Some of these common types include:

  • Rollover: Trucks can flip over due to speed, road conditions, or sudden maneuvers. If a truck takes a turn too fast or encounters an obstacle on the road, the driver can lose control completely.
  • Sideswipe accidents: Sideswipe accidents can happen when a truck changes lanes without properly checking blind spots or fails to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Rear-end collisions: Tailgating and distracted driving can cause the truck to hit the back of another vehicle, causing a rear-end crash.
  • Jackknifes: When a truck’s trailer swings out to the side, forming an angle with the cab, that is a jackknife crash. These incidents can happen when the driver is not paying attention, leading to sudden braking. With that, the truck can skid and lose control.
  • Underride collisions: In an underride collision, a smaller vehicle slides underneath the rear or side of a truck. Once again, this can happen when the truck in front of the vehicle makes sudden maneuvers on the road.
  • Cargo spills: When cargo is not properly secured, it can spill onto the road. Shifting loads, unsecured items, or improper loading practices are a few ways that these incidents can lead to accidents.

Any one of these incidents can lead to serious injuries, substantial property damage, and even fatalities. Whether you have been involved in one of these catastrophic crashes or experienced a minor incident, contact a Haverford truck accident lawyer to discuss your potential claim.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Their Actions

In all these cases, there is an element of negligence or recklessness. With that, you could hold certain parties liable for the accident and, in turn, seek compensation from them. Some of these individuals, businesses, or entities may include:

  • Truck driver: If the truck driver’s negligence caused the accident, you can bring a claim against them.
  • Driver’s employer: Trucking companies can be held liable for accidents caused by their employees while on the job. However, this liability doesn’t extend to independent contractors who own their own vehicles.
  • Truck owners: If another entity owns the truck, they could share responsibility for the accident.
  • Cargo owner and loaders: If the cargo owner or loader didn’t secure the load correctly, they could be liable.
  • Truck maintenance company: The company responsible for maintaining the truck may be held accountable if its actions lead to an accident.
  • Local government or contractor: Sometimes, highway design or maintenance issues cause accidents. In that case, a local government or contractor may be responsible for any damages.

These cases are very intricate, and if you want to pursue compensation, you often have to work with several insurance companies and their legal team to resolve them. For that reason, you will want to reach out to a Haverford truck accident attorney to help you proceed with the legal process.

Are You Entitled to Compensation After Your Truck Accident in Haverford, PA?

Compensation after an accident will depend on the circumstances of the case. Many times, accident victims can file a personal injury claim to recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses include doctor bills, medication, surgeries, rehabilitation, and other treatments.
  • Current and future income lost due to injuries and recovery time.
  • Pain and suffering for any physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life suffered as the result of the incident.

In some cases, punitive damage may even be awarded, especially if the driver or another party engages in egregious behavior. However, that is not always awarded in every case.

Unfortunately, these accidents can result in the death of a loved one. In these situations, surviving members have the right to seek damages for funeral and burial expenses, lost income, and loss of the relationship.

Pennsylvania Laws Regarding These Cases

You will have limited time to file any personal injury or wrongful death claim. Under the statute of limitations, you will have two years from the incident to initiate a legal action. You could miss out on compensation if you fail to do it before the deadline.

Many drivers might not believe they could file a lawsuit if they were partly responsible for the accident. However, according to Pennsylvania law, if you were less than 51% at fault for the incident, you have the legal recourse to pursue compensation from the other party.

Contact Us to Help Protect Your Rights

With so much on your mind, you don’t want to have the hassles of taking on several insurance companies and their legal teams. At Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan, we want you to focus on your recovery and health, not legal issues.

Take the first step to recover comparison by contacting our Haverford truck accident lawyer. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about your options.

  • $1 million

    A car accident resulting in serious personal injuries to the plaintiff

  • $2 million

    A tragic case where a man suffered serious permanent injuries when a tree fell onto his car while he was driving along a public road in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

  • $4.4 million

    A car crash where the motor vehicle accident resulted in two passengers being killed and another injured, after a restaurant served too much alcohol to the driver of their vehicle

  • $478,650 settlement

    For a 67-year-old New Jersey man who suffered serious injury in a motor vehicle accident on the Atlantic City Expressway

  • $9 million

    A car crash resulting in a passenger suffering permanent quadriplegic injuries

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