February 22nd, 2013

What is a UIM claim?

Post last reviewed and updated: Dec 12th 2019

A: Many people injured in car or truck accidents often ask what UIM claims are and whether they are eligible to make them. The answer always depends on the circumstances of the accident, whether the injured driver has UIM coverage and the insurance coverage available to the driver who caused the accident.

UIM means underinsured benefits and is generally available to someone who suffers serious injury in a car or truck accident. But it only applies if you have UIM coverage in your car insurance policy. If you have UIM coverage on your car insurance policy and get into a serious accident, then you may be eligible to make a claim for UIM benefits against your own car insurance company. Read more about UIM claims in Pennsylvania.

For example, say you get hit by another car, and that driver is at fault for the accident. If that driver has a minimum liability policy of $15,000 and your injuries and damages (lost wages, etc.) exceed $15,000 then the negligent driver was “underinsured” or did not have enough insurance coverage for the accident. So, you could make a UIM claim under your own auto policy.

This is different than an uninsured (UM) claim. In the same scenario, if you’re hit by a driver who has no insurance, say by a kid who took his parent’s car without permission, you would be eligible to make a UM claim because the other, negligent driver was “uninsured.”

It is important to note that UIM claims should not be made without advice of a Pennsylvania car and truck accident lawyer. These kinds of claims are very complex and there are many laws related to a UIM claim. Misunderstanding how UIM claims work and what is required to preserve the UIM claim could bar the claim altogether.

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