November 29th, 2019

The Best Parks in Center City Philly

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This page highlighting some of the most popular parks in Center City is presented by Laffey, Bucci, & he’s personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia.

While the city of Philly is widely recognized for its rich history and world-renowned museums, it’s also been noted as one of the cities with the best parks in the country. Our team put their heads together and picked their favorites, which we share on this page.

The Schuylkill River Park

The Schuylkill River parks runs along the river which segments the city of Philly and which also served as the namesake or the park. Settled along the Schuylkill River, the Park spans the area from Lombard Street to Manning Street.

For dynamic activities it offers Schuylkill Pocket Veterans Memorial field – a baseball field and soccer field – as well as tennis courts and b-ball courts. Additionally, younger children are free to make the most of the Markward Playground, rec center, and O’Connor Pool each late spring. Park visitors may also appreciate the expansive lawns and tree-lined walkways, a conversation area and a garden. A one of a kind component of the recreation center is the Dog Run – an extraordinary encased territory for hounds, which includes a fountain dogs and separate zones for small and large breeds.

Washington Square

One of five stops inside William Penn’s “Greene Countrie Towne,” design, Washington Square was initially known as Southeast Square. By the eighteenth century, it had become a graveyard for poor Philadelphians, American and British fighters during the Revolution, as well as for casualties of yellow fever.

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The square served the living, too. Oppressed and free African Americans met here, and the city later finished the grounds as an open park. In 1825, the square was renamed to pay tribute to George Washington.

Throughout the 19th century, the square’s characteristic scene and manufactured condition changed drastically in succeeding years. Fishing and duck hunting was left behind, instead paving the way for the park to better serve those looking walking around the numerous Lombardy poplars. Today, there are in excess of 30 types of trees, including a sycamore cloned from the first Moon Tree, a tree developed from seeds taken to the Moon in 1971.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Regularly ranked as the best spots to visit in Philadelphia by national press, Spruce Street Harbor Park possesses plenty of loungers, gardens, delightful lights, refreshing beer options, and nourishment from well known Philly cafés, making it a mid year gathering space for local people as well as guests who are lucky enough to visit during the season. More than 50 colorfully adorned hammocks are hung all through the park, making this an ideal spot to relax during summer days and evenings.

The OAsis, which forms park of Spruce St Park, is situated in the Marina at Penn’s Landing. It is comprised of three arranged freight boats, a net lounge, and buoyant gardens. The freight ships form a pleasurable boardwalk with raw metal railings and and huge amounts of seating. The hanging net lounge, which draws inspiration from Caribbean resorts, is where guests can unwind while suspended (safely) 4 feet over the water. Moreover, debris liners are set up to catch keys, change and phones that may slip through.

The drifting gardensare developed from a strong, non-lethal post-consumer plastic and utilized around the nation for wetland rebuilding. As a result, not only are they beautiful to the eyes, they also serve to clean the water in the marina.

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