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January 28th, 2013

I slipped on ice in a parking lot in Philadelphia. Is the store liable?

A: Under Pennsylvania slip and fall accident law, businesses and stores can be held liable for failing to maintain snow and ice in areas like parking lots or parking garages. Liability in a snow/ice accident case depends on several factors such as, extent of snow/ice, date and time of accident, type of business, etc.

Generally, in order to succeed, the snow/ice must have accumulated to such an extent that hills and ridges of snow/ice formed. Alternatively, if a property defect contributed to the accident, the property owner may bear liability regardless of whether hills and ridges of snow/ice had developed.  Read more about liability for property defects which contribute to a snow/ice accident. For example, if an area of a parking lot tends to be covered with ice due to the elevation of the ground or due to nearby tree roots or other issues, the owner could be liable.

Snow and ice fall accidents must be investigated carefully to determine whether there is liability and who the liable parties are (i.e., landlord, property management company, snow maintenance contractor, etc.).  For more information, speak to a slip and fall lawyer.

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