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February 3rd, 2014

School and University Hazing – A Look at Recent Hazing Cases in the U.S.

Within the last several months, school hazing injuries have made headline news around the country. Like bullying, hazing can lead to serious physical injuries as well as mental and psychological trauma. In some cases, hazing leads to fatalities.

Below is a summary of some recent, high profile school hazing cases in the U.S.

Florida College Student Killed in Hazing Attack

In November 2011, a 26 year old college student at Florida A&M University died after he was attacked by more than a dozen of his band mates in what prosecutors allege was a savage beating that occurred during a hazing ritual. The ritual involved being attacked on a bus. After this student’s death, local law enforcement arrested multiple students, and school administrators resigned or were fired. Source: www.foxnews.com, 13 charged in hazing death of Florida A&M university band member

Maryland University Student Transfers Due to Hazing

A fraternity at Salisbury University was suspended for 18 months following a hazing incident in which multiple pledges were assaulted and underage pledges were given alcohol. A brave pledge who endured the hazing ritual filed a police report, concerned that the fraternity had gone too far with its hazing rituals and was placing lives at risk. That student has since transferred to another school. Source: www.delmarvanow.com, SU fraternity hazing: ‘We don’t want some kid to die’

Ohio University Fraternity Expelled for Hazing Ritual Which Resulted in Permanent Injury

A fraternity hazing ritual in Ohio led to a serious personal injury for one of the hazing victims, a student who was pledging the fraternity. As a result, the fraternity was permanently expelled by the university. The incident occurred during a Halloween hazing ritual in which pledges had an over the counter methanol cream applied to their private parts and then were beaten with rolled up shirts. One pledge was hospitalized and lost a testicle. Source: www.nydailynews.com, Ohio college fraternity disbanded after hazing ritual costs pledge a testicle

Illinois High School Soccer Coach Acquitted for Team Hazing Ritual

Last month, a former high school soccer coach was on trial for failing to report team hazing to authorities. An Illinois judge later acquitted him of all charges. At trial, two teenage boys testified that at soccer practice, they were subjected to sexual type assaults with sticks. Testifying for the prosecution, one of the older boys who carried out the attack indicated that the attack was a ritual, an initiation for all new players, and that he had experienced the same attack when he joined the team. Other players testified that the coach had previously threatened freshmen with a similar attack to be carried out by older players if their playing during a drill did not improve. Source: www. http://articles.chicagotribune.com, Maine West coach cleared in case that sparked lawsuits, outcry over hazing

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