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January 7th, 2013

School Aide Charged with Sexually Abusing 3 Young Girls

According to the Washington Post, a school aide at a Maryland school for the deaf and hearing impaired stands accused of molesting 3 young girls.

The school aide is charged with 3 counts of felony sexual abuse of a minor. The abuse is alleged to have occurred when he was an evening shift dorm aide, in 2008-2010. One of the victims was 10 years old when the abuse occurred. The aide was a daytime school aide at the school when he was arrested last month.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com, “Aide at Maryland School for the Deaf charged with sex abuse of minors”, 12/6/12

School Employee Abuse of Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are especially at risk for all kinds of abuse. Abusers often believe that children with disabilities are unable to report the abuse. Some severely disabled children will be unable to verbalize the abuse, but in many situations, there are signs and symptoms. Read more about sex abuse of disabled children.

Children who are sexually, physically and mentally abused have legal rights, including the right to file criminal charges against their abusers. In some cases, civil justice may be appropriate. In the civil justice system, the abuser as well as anyone who hid or covered up the abuse can be held liable.

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