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August 15th, 2016

Pennsylvania Worker Killed in Forklift Accident on Loading Dock (August 2016)

Northampton Man Killed in Forklift Accident at Work

Last week, a forklift accident claimed the life of a Wind Gap man on Monday at a warehouse and distribution center just outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

According to local law enforcement, the worker was trapped between a forklift and a truck. The work accident occurred when the man attempted to load a large tank onto the truck using the forklift.

This type of work accident, where a worker is crushed by a forklift or otherwise caught between objects, is very common. Forklift crush accidents in the workplace often involve workers being crushed between the forklift and a stationary object like a wall or another large piece of industrial equipment. Other common types of forklift accidents include strike accidents, run over accidents and tip overs. In a forklift strike accident situation, another worker or bystander is struck by the forklift. In a forklift run over accident, another worker or bystander is literally run over by the forklift. In a forklift tip over accident, the forklift tips over. Like the most recent situation, forklift accident injuries are often fatal.

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Forklift Accidents – Major Cause of Work Injuries in Pennsylvania

Hundreds of workers are injured in forklift accidents across the U.S., including Pennsylvania. The warehousing and transportation industries account for some of the highest work accident injury rates. Forklift accidents at loading docks, transportation centers and warehouses are increasingly common.

Injuries sustained often include crushed limbs, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. If the injuries aren’t fatal, workers often suffer permanent injuries like the loss of use of a limb.

For example, a worker who is struck by a forklift gets his leg caught underneath the forklift. Though the leg does not have to be amputated, there are permanent injuries. Range of motion is limited severely, and the worker suffers significant nerve pain in his leg. As a result, he is not able to resume his work duties whatsoever and is permanently disabled.

In situations like this, an injured worker can seek financial compensation for his injuries over and above workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on the facts of the case, non-employer parties may be held liable for the injuries. Forklift operating companies, forklift manufacturers and subcontractors may be held liable for the injured worker’s injuries, financial losses and pain and suffering. Learn more about forklift accident lawsuits.

Work Injury Lawyers in Pennsylvania – Forklift Accident Injuries

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