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January 20th, 2016

PA Sex Abuse News – A Former Philadelphia Main Line Boy Scout Leader Arrested for Alleged Sex Abuse of a Family Member

A former youth coach, Philadelphia Main Line Boy Scout leader and church member in Pennsylvania has been charged with sexually abusing a family member earlier this month. According to the police in the Philadelphia Main Line, the family member was sexually abused by the man since he was 13 years old. Charles Robinson, who is 60 years old and resides in Paoli, Pennsylvania, was arrested on December 31, 2015.

The abused victim contacted Chester County youth services who then contacted Radnor police since the alleged abused happened in Radnor Township. According to Radnor police, the victim finally came forward because he could not bear the abuse.

Robinson allegedly abused the family member for 4 years. The abuse started with Robinson massaging the victim. It then progressed to late-night incidents in the victim’s bedroom and attempted trips to the shower. According to police, Robinson, who is a married father with children of his own, biological and adopted, would take away the victim’s cell phone so that the victim was not able to have contact with anybody else. The victim is now an adult.

Robinson was a leader with the Boy Scouts of America, as well as various youth groups where he was a basketball coach. He was involved in a lot of programs where he came in contact with children.

The police are encouraging victims who have been sexually abused by Robinson to come forward. The police are also encouraging anyone who has concerns about Robinson to come forward. (Contact Radnor Police: 610-688-0503)

Sexual Predators are Often Known to Sex Abuse Victims

As we discussed in previous PA and NJ sex abuse articles, victims often know their abusers. Many perpetrators are friends, trusted teachers or family members like the above case. Parents may not talk to their children about sexual predators when their children are cared for by someone they trust and know, such as a family member. However, because victims are often abused by someone they know, it is important for parents to talk to their children about sexual predators. In addition, parents need to convey to their children that they can always come to them and talk about anything. This way, if their children are sexually assaulted, they feel that they can come and talk to their parents.

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