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November 1st, 2013

Is a nursing home liable when a resident assaults another resident?

The harsh reality is that nursing home resident-on-resident beatings are quite common. In October 2013, a NY nursing home resident was allegedly beaten and killed by his roommate. In many cases, nursing homes can be held liable when a resident assaults another resident.

Liability of a nursing home in resident-on-resident beatings depends on two critical factors: 1. whether the nursing home had reason to know of the perpetrator’s violent tendencies and 2. if so, what the nursing home did in response.

In many cases of nursing home assaults, there will be ample evidence that the nursing home had prior knowledge that a particular resident was violent or expressed violent behavior to nursing home employees and other residents.

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Prior knowledge of a resident’s violent tendencies may come from other residents or employees who may testify that the particular resident was previously violent. Medical records may also reveal combative behavior. In some cases, nursing home residents may have violent criminal records.

However, due to issues such as overcrowding, poor quality of care, poor training, etc., the nursing home does nothing. Therefore, residents are often left to fend for themselves, and the results can be catastrophic. If the nursing home knew of a specific resident’s violent tendencies and failed to act appropriately under the circumstances, it may be held liable for allowing a resident-on-resident assault to occur.


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