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October 15th, 2013

NJ Bars & Restaurants – Beware of Serving Underage Patrons

According to Students Against Drunk Driving, during a one month period, almost 30% of underage people (ages 12-20) drink alcohol. Underage drinking is a serious issue, especially for bars and restaurants. In fact, over the summer, a Vineland, NJ bar had its liquor license revoked after 2 underage men were killed in a DUI accident. An investigation revealed that another bar in Williamstown, NJ may have also served alcohol to the 2 men, who were 18 and 20 years old.

Bars and restaurants in New Jersey which serve underaged patrons may face losing a license and paying hefty fines. In addition, NJ law permits a bar/restaurant to be sued in a situation when an underaged customer gets drunk in the establishment and then injures himself or another individual.

NJ Bar & Restaurant Liability for Serving Alcohol – 3 Hypothetical Cases

Example 1 – DUI: A bar in Cherry Hill serves alcohol to a minor. The minor is never asked for his id. Later, the minor gets into a car accident and drives into a tree. Despite the fact that he caused the DUI accident, he may be able to bring a lawsuit against the bar for serving him.

Example 2 – DUI: Same facts as the first example, except that instead of hitting a tree, the minor strikes another car in a head on collision. The driver of that car may bring a lawsuit against the minor and the bar.

Example 3 – Bar Fight: A restaurant at the Jersey Shore serves alcohol to several minors who all have noticeably fake ids. Later, the drunk minors assault another customer. The injured customer could bring a lawsuit against the bar for serving alcohol to the minors.

What to Do If You See a Bar/Restaurant Serving an Underage Customer

If you suspect a bar or restaurant is serving alcohol to a minor, you can call the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control Division at 866-713-8392. Doing so may save a life.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Investigations Complaint Hotline: 800-932-0602


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