November 29th, 2012

Why Logging is So Dangerous

Logging accidents account for a small number of work related accidents. However, when they occur, they are often deadly. In fact, here are some recent headlines from around the country, just within the past two months:

  • Vernon Center man killed in logging accident (
  • Cherry Valley man killed in logging accident (
  • North Idaho man hurt in logging accident (
  • Loyal man dies in Pepin County logging accident (

The reason logging accidents are so dangerous is two-fold. First, by their very nature, these accidents involve massive trees, upwards of 100 feet or more. In addition, forests and logging areas vary in terms of ground, elevation, slope, etc. This factor, coupled with use of large machinery and trucks, makes logging sites very dangerous.  Add rainy or wet weather conditions, and a logging site can become an accident waiting to happen.

The second reason logging sites are so dangerous is their location. Logging tends to occur in remote areas, difficult to access. So, when a serious logging accident occurs, the nearest hospital may be many miles away. Critical time is lost waiting for help to arrive or driving to the nearest hospital, and with catastrophic injuries, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

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