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May 8th, 2014

Jeff Laffey Gives Workplace Safety Talk at Norristown Carpenters Union Local 1595 Meeting

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Norristown, PA – Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan co-founder and partner, Jeff Laffey, and the firm’s marketing director, Jennifer Kennan-Keil, were invited to attend the Carpenters Union Local 1595 meeting yesterday.

The Carpenters Union Local 1595 is comprised of nearly 1000 local carpenters in the King of Prussia, Norristown area, located just outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Workplace Safety on Pennsylvania Construction Sites

Carpenters Local Union Mongtomery County PAJeff’s presentation centered on workplace safety on construction sites. Carpenters are particularly at risk of sustaining major injuries in construction accidents. This is due in large part to the variety of work carpenters perform. Carpenters often perform building construction and repair work, involving stairs, frames, roofing/rafters, drywall, siding, etc.

In addition, the work environment varies. From building infrastructure like highways and bridges to residential and commercial buildings, carpenters work in a variety of settings. Therefore, carpenters often face serious work related accident risks. In fact, as a whole, when compared to the national average, carpenters have a higher rate of injuries.

Jeff discussed safety in the context of:

Jeff also discussed the importance of investigating work accidents to determine ALL rights of an injured worker. Workers in Pennsylvania, like carpenters, are often misinformed about their rights after suffering injuries in a work accident. Far too often, workers assume their only recourse is filing a workers’ compensation claim. That is only half of the picture. Workers often have valid claims against non-employer parties, such as:

  • general contractors,
  • subcontractors,
  • architects,
  • product/machinery manufacturers, and
  • product/machinery maintenance companies.

The key is prompt and proper investigation by a skilled work accident lawyer.

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