November 13th, 2015

A Comparison of Law Schools in Philadelphia

A Comparison of Law Schools in Philadelphia

Posted: November 13, 2015

Law Schools in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a great place to go to law school. The legal industry in Philadelphia is one of the largest in the country. In addition, the surrounding counties (Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, etc.) offer great opportunities for growth and professional development after graduation.

There are four law schools located in and around Philadelphia:

  • Drexel University,
  • Temple University,
  • University of Pennsylvania, and
  • Villanova.

Philadelphia’s Four Law Schools (Alphabetical Order)

Drexel University is a fairly new law school. It opened in 2006 and offers both a traditional 3 year program and a 2 year fast track program. Drexel also offers advanced degrees such as the LLM (Master of Laws) and joint degree programs such as the JD/PhD (in Psychology) or the JD/MSPP (Master of Science in Public Policy).

  • Number of Students Enrolled in the Most Recent Year: 126
  • Median LSAT: 155
  • Median GPA: 3.31

Temple University is the only law school in Philadelphia to offer both full time and part time (evening) programs, as well as advanced degrees (LLM). Temple also offers dual degree or joint degree programs and will consider individual requests for any JD/MA degree, such as in history, religion, etc.

  • Number of Students Enrolled in the Most Recent Year: 181 (Day Division); 37 (Evening Division)
  • Median LSAT: 160
  • Median GPA: 3.50

University of Pennsylvania offers full-time JD programs and advanced degrees (LLM). It also offers a slew of joint degree programs which include more traditional joint programs like the JD/MBA, as well as non-traditional programs such as the JD/MSEd (Masters of Education) and JD/MBE (Masters of Bioethics).

  • Number of Students Enrolled in the Most Recent Year: 239
  • Median LSAT: 169
  • Median GPA: 3.89

Villanova offers a traditional 3 year JD program with some joint degree programs, such as the JD/MPA (Masters of Public Administration). Villanova also offers advanced law degrees, such as the LLM.

  • Number of Students Enrolled in the Most Recent Year: 155
  • Median LSAT: 157
  • GPA: 3.55

Post-Graduation – 2 Things to Think About Now

1. Consider a Dual or Joint Degree

Whether you are considering applying to law school or wondering about a career in law, you should consider advanced degrees and dual or joint degree programs. Having a joint degree, such as a JD/MBA, JD/MA or a JD/PhD, may provide an edge in an already competitive industry. In addition, many individuals pursue legal careers in areas outside of the actual practice of law. Joint degrees can certainly help in that regard.

2. Be Strategic When Selecting Clinicals or Externships During Law School

Involvement in clinicals and externships is very important during law school. Not only do such opportunities give students a glimpse of real-world practice, clinicals and externships provide the first real opportunity for networking, a critical factor for finding jobs after law school. However, each law school has specific rules on when and how students can participate in clinicals and externships. Find out about these opportunities as early as possible. Students should familiarize themselves with the requirements for each one, and choose clinicals and externships wisely.