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A study published by Pew Research Center on Jan. 31, 2024, detailed how 95% of American adults admitted to using the internet. If many adults are using the internet in our country, there’s a strong likelihood that their kids, both young and old, will be as well.

As you’re well aware, individuals use the internet for a multitude of purposes, including to perform schoolwork, as part of one’s employment, to socialize on social media, and much more. While the internet makes handling tasks convenient, it’s not always used by everyone for beneficial purposes but instead inappropriate or illicit ones.

If you’ve been victimized by someone who has disseminated sexually explicit images of you without your consent online, we should talk. A consultation with a Philadelphia internet sex crimes victim lawyer in our office is free and is the first step toward holding the person who violated your trust and privacy accountable for what they did. So, if you’re ready to talk about the legal remedies that are available to you, call us at Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan for both knowledgeable and attentive service.

What Are Internet Sex Crimes?

Pennsylvania law details how the dissemination of intimate photos without the consent of the person photographed constitutes an internet sex crime — regardless of the reason for doing so. So, whether the person who shared your image in jest, for profit, or for any other reason, they could face legal ramifications for doing so. This means that if a human trafficker posts sexually explicit images of a trafficking victim as part of an online ad, they could be held criminally liable for doing so.

Of course, it should go without saying that the dissemination of sexually explicit images of children online is unlawful.

It should also be noted that while we’ve just mentioned photographs above, that wording can be used interchangeably with video. So, for example, if a former consenting adult sexual partner sent you a video, that doesn’t give them the right to disseminate it online without getting your express consent to do so. If they do without asking your permission first, their choice to share that “revenge porn” may cause them to end up in legal hot water.

Sending someone unsolicited photos of private parts or other sexually explicit imagery, whether by computer or phone, could also qualify as an internet sex crime, and thus, if you were the recipient, you may be able to hold them liable for their actions.

The above are just a few examples of situations where you may qualify as a victim and mean you have certain rights. So, if you’re unsure about whether what happened to you qualifies as such an instance, contact a Philadelphia internet sex crimes victim lawyer to make sure and learn more about your rights.

What Rights Does Pennsylvania Law Afford Victims

Since internet sex crimes are illegal criminal offenses, it’s possible for you to report what happened to the police, who may turn your case over to prosecutors. If tried and convicted, the person who disseminated images of you may face jail time, restitution, probation and other punishments.

While you can’t control whether or not prosecutors pursue a criminal case, you’re in the driver’s seat in terms of pursuing a civil case. Should you have a successful case, you may be able to recover financial compensation for the exploitation you faced.

How a Philadelphia Internet Sex Crime Victim Attorney Can Aid You in Forwarding Your Case

Criminal cases and civil lawsuits are very different. The burden of proof you must meet in the latter type of case is much lower than what prosecutors have to. However, the collection of evidence must still occur, which is something your lawyer can assist you with.

You can also count on your legal counsel to:

  • Aid you in securing medical and other records that show how the internet sex crime affected you
  • Negotiate a settlement with the responsible party
  • Take your case to trial if necessary to secure a judgment against the defendant

Whether you feel as if the dissemination of sexually oriented photographs or videos of you without your consent violated your trust and has made you feel self-conscious and vulnerable, or you have proof that images that were shared on the internet caused you reputational harm, we want to speak with you.

At Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan, we offer free consultations to individuals like you so you can learn more about the rights Pennsylvania law affords you in situations like this. So, connect with us through our confidential contact form or by phone so we can put you in contact with a Philadelphia internet sex crimes victim lawyer to delve deeper into your unique situation and your respective rights.

  • $7.5 Million

    Against a correctional facility for negligently supervising a guard that physically and sexually abused an inmate in their care

  • $750,000

    Against a psychiatric hospital for their failure to prevent a woman in their care from being sexually assaulted.

  • 74 Million Dollar Settlement

    Against a Christian Board School and other defendants that allowed horrific acts of sexual and physical violence against the young children in their care.

  • $3 Million

    Against a University for Child Sexual Abuse

  • $2 Million

    Against a religious organization because of their negligent supervision of a pedophile priest who sexually abused a child

  • $1 Million

    Against child protective services for their failures in preventing the sexual abuse of a child within their care and custody

  • Six Figure Recovery

    Against an all girls religious high school for negligent supervision of a teacher who engaged in sexual conduct with a student on school property

  • Six Figure Recovery

    Against an all girls religious high school for negligent supervision of a teacher who engaged in sexual conduct with a student on school property

  • Six Figure Recovery

    Student sexually harassed and assaulted by high school teacher

  • Six Figure Recovery

    Molestation case against sitting state court judge who admitted to the abuse, resigned from the bench and was then disbarred

  • $1.9 Million

    For a child who was sexually abused by a clergy member

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