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April 3rd, 2014

Forklift Strike Accidents, Just as Common as Forklift Accident Deaths

Forklift accidents are one of the most common type of work-related accident. This is in large part due to the fact that forklifts are used across multiple industries, such as construction, warehousing/storage, etc.

One of the most common types of forklift accidents involves a forklift coming into contact with a bystander, someone working near the forklift. The forklift literally strikes a bystander, and in many of these cases, the bystander is not only struck by the forklift, but also dragged underneath and run over. If not fatal, a bystander’s injuries often include major crush injuries which result in amputation or permanent loss of the use of body parts, most often arms and legs.

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Workers who suffer these kinds of devastating crush injuries in forklift accidents often become permanently disabled and will be unable to resume normal work activities for the rest of their lives. Read more about getting financial compensation after a work accident in Pennsylvania.

NJ Man Injured in Forklift Accident

Last month, a worker was injured when a forklift ran over his leg. The accident occurred at a distribution site in Carneys Point, New Jersey. The extent of the injuries are unknown. Source: www.nj.com, Carneys Point forklift accident injures 1 person, police say

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Mill Warehouse Worker’s Hand Caught in Forklift

Also in March, a young man working at a millwork warehouse company in Virginia was rushed to a local hospital after his hand was caught in a forklift accident. Pallets shifted, causing injuries to the worker’s hand. Source:  www.vagazette.com, James City warehouse worker injured in forklift accident

Forklift Accidents Involving Non-Work Bystanders

It is important to note that forklift accidents are not limited to workers at a worksite. In fact, forklift accidents can and do involve innocent bystanders, or individuals who happen to be walking near a worksite or construction site. Last month, a NY woman was struck by a forklift as she was walking across a street in Brooklyn. The pedestrian suffered massive injuries; her legs were crushed by the forklift. Source: newyork.cbslocal.com, Woman Hit, Injured By Forklift In Borough Park, Brooklyn

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Forklift Work Accident Lawyers

Recent Forklift Accident Case Result: $2.75 millionDock worker run over by a forklift at a marine terminal

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