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May 4th, 2016

Forklift Accidents – Top 10 Causes of Work Injuries & Deaths in 2016

Forklift accidents are one of the top 10 causes of work injuries and deaths in the U.S. According to OSHA, forklift accidents cause about 85 fatalities per year, and each year, over 30,000 forklift accidents result in serious injuries.

When not fatal, forklift accidents often result in major crush injuries. Workers often get trapped beneath forklifts or may be crushed against other objects. For instance, a worker is struck by a forklift and trapped between the forklift and a nearby wall. Major internal injuries are very common in these types of situations. In addition, workers injured in forklift accidents often sustain crushed limbs resulting in amputations or permanent loss of use.

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Forklift Accidents – Type & Percentage

  • Forklift tip-over accidents 42%
  • Trapped between a forklift and stationary object 25%
  • Trapped between 2 forklifts 11%
  • Struck by or run over by a forklift 10%
  • Struck by material falling from a forklift 8%
  • Fall from a platform on the forks 4%

Where Forklift Accidents Occur – Industries & Percentage

  • Manufacturing 42.5%
  • Construction 23.8%
  • Wholesale trades 12.5%
  • Transportation 11%
  • Retail 9%
  • Mining 1.2%

Recent Forklift Accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Forklift Accident in Middle Township, NJ (Cape May County, March 2016)

A South New Jersey man was seriously injured in a forklift accident in Rio Grande, New Jersey which is located north of Cape May. According to the Middle Township police, rescue units responded to a grocery store/warehouse. The victim was transported via helicopter to a local trauma center.

Pennsylvania Man Injured in Forklift Accident at Manufacturing Plant (Lancaster County, February 2016)

A Pennsylvania man was pinned against a machine and a forklift after he was struck by the forks. The worker sustained a crush injury to his chest. The incident occurred in February 2016 at a manufacturing plant in Lancaster County.

Forklift Accidents at Work – Getting Compensation

Because forklift accidents in the workplaces are often catastrophic, it is crucial for the injured worker to obtain full compensation. Oftentimes, forklift accidents result in a major loss of income, short and long term. What most injured workers don’t know is that they are often able to make legal claims for compensation, independent of any workers’ compensation claims. Forklift accidents are often caused by shoddy forklift operations and negligence of contractors, worksite owners, etc. Injured workers can file forklift accident lawsuits against such entities and obtain compensation for their work injuries. Claims are often made for pain and suffering, a type of claim not compensated through workers’ compensation. In addition, injured workers can make claims for past and future medical bills and past and future lost wages, even those that were already paid out by workers’ compensation.

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