April 2nd, 2014

Recent Forklift Accident Deaths (As of March 2014)

In the U.S., forklifts are one of the top work accident hazards, and when forklift accidents happen, the injuries are often fatal. Workers who survive forklift accidents are likely to have suffered major crush injuries to legs and arms. Many forklift accident survivors are permanently disabled and will never be able to return to work.

Practically all forklift accidents are preventable. Employers must be sure to provide proper training and certification for workers who operate forklifts. Failure to do so is the number one reason why forklift accidents occur. Related: Forklift Safety & Accident Prevention

A Look at 3 Recent Forklift Accident Deaths

Below is a summary of recent forklift accidents in the U.S.

Industrial Worker Killed in Forklift Back-Up Accident (February 2014)

An industrial worker in California was killed in a forklift accident earlier this year. He was found pinned between a forklift and another piece of equipment. The forklift’s engine was running, and it was in gear. The parking brake had not been engaged. It appeared that the worker got off the forklift and then it backed up, pinning him. Source: www.utsandiego.com, Aerospace worker killed in El Cajon industrial accident

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Forklift Work Accident Death, Driver Struck By Forklift (March 2014)

Last month, a truck driver was run over and killed in a forklift accident. The accident occurred at a mill in Oregon. According to a news report, the truck driver was waiting for lumber to be loaded on his truck when he was hit by a forklift being operated by forest product/mill worker. The forklift backed up into him, and he died as a result. Source: www.portlandtribune.com, Man killed in forklift accident at RSG Forest Products

Teenager Killed While Operating Forklift (March 2014)

March proved to be a deadly month in terms of forklift accidents. Also in March, a 14 year old boy was killed while operating a forklift at a construction site in Arizona. According to sources, the forklift began to tip over, and the teen jumped out. However, the forklift tipped over on him. Source: www.fox13now.com, Colorado City teen dies in forklift accident

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Forklift Accidents – The Importance of Seeking a Forklift Accident Lawyer

Workers injured in forklift accidents while on the job, and in the event of a fatality, the worker’s family, will make workers’ compensation claims for medical benefits and to obtain lost wages in the event of disability. However, what most workers and their families do not realize is that they may have valid negligence claims and/or valid defective product claims; this is in addition to the workers’ comp claim. For instance, forklifts are subject to mechanical failures which can lead to forklift accidents. Therefore, a worker injured in a forklift accident which occurred due to a mechanical failure may be able to file both a workers’ comp claim and a defective forklift product claim.

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