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September 23rd, 2015

Factory Forklift Accidents – Recent Work Accident News (2015)

By a Forklift Accident Injury Lawyer

Forklifts remain one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace, especially in factory and industrial settings. Crush accidents and strike accidents are very common and often result in fatalities. Workers who survive these kinds of forklift accidents usually suffer severe, permanent injuries such as limb amputations, serious spinal injuries and nerve damage. Many workers are never able to return to their pre-accident level of work. The resulting loss of financial security can be devastating. Forklift accident prevention is key.

Below are some of the most recent factory forklift accidents in the U.S. this summer.

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Two Illinois Workers Die in Separate Forklift Loading Dock Accidents (July 2015)

In the first accident, a young worker was killed at a warehouse loading dock. He was operating a forklift and was killed after the forklift he was operating tipped back, causing the operator to strike his head. The forklift operator was loading appliances onto a truck at a loading dock. The truck driver pulled away from the loading dock too quickly. This caused the forklift to tip backwards. The forklift operator was 19 years old and had only been employed for about a month.

In July, another Illinois worker was killed when unloading his forklift. The accident occurred at an electronic services company and also occurred at a loading dock. The forklift operator got caught between the forklift and dock, suffering fatal injuries.

Virginia Warehouse Worker Killed in Forklift Accident (August 2015)

A Virginia warehouse worker was killed after a forklift accident at a national fruit warehouse in Winchester. It’s unclear how the accident occurred. As it does with all fatal work accidents, OSHA will conduct an investigation. Most OSHA investigations take about 30 days to complete.

South Carolina Equipment Company Worker Injured After Hit by a Forklift (June 2015)

A Spartanburg worker was injured in a forklift accident at an industrial equipment company. So far, there have been no news updates on the extent of the worker’s injuries or how the accident occurred.

Georgia Worker Killed in Forklift Accident in Athens (June 2015)

A plant worker in Athens, Georgia was killed after he was run over by a forklift. According to local news reports, the worker was securing large items to the forklift when he was caught underneath and run over. OSHA is investigating.

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