February 19th, 2013

Doctor Accused of Sexual Abuse of Patients

Last week, a Chicago area pediatrician turned himself in after being accused of sexual abuse and sexual battery. His alleged victims are mothers of his patients, who have accused the doctor of sexually abusing them during visits for their children. (Source: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/02/17/frankfort-pediatrician-facing-10-counts-of-sex-abuse-five-counts-of-battery/)

This particular case is troubling because the doctor had previously been subject to criminal charges for sexually assaulting the mother of one of his infant patients during a visit. According to the news report, while the doctor was acquitted of the charges, he was reprimanded by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. In addition, the doctor was sued by two women over 10 years ago, alleging a similar pattern of abuse; one plaintiff was the mother of his patient and the other was a patient herself.

These allegations of sexual abuse, if true, as well as the existence of the prior criminal and civil cases, may pave the way for liability not only of the doctor, but of other parties. Professionals who are guilty of sexual abuse can face criminal and civil charges. In addition, others who either intentionally or negligently shielded the abusive party can also be held liable.

Late last year, in the case of a Delaware pediatrician who was convicted of horrific acts of sexual abuse against his child and infant patients, a hospital, a medical society and other doctors were sued for failing to report the pediatrician. The plaintiffs in that case prevailed in a large settlement. This kind of case sends a message to other professionals to stop the culture of silence and report reasonably suspected allegations of sexual abuse, whether of a child or adult.

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