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January 22nd, 2014

Guy D’Andrea Settles 2 Philadelphia Accident & Injury Cases: Multi-Million Dollar Settlements for 2 Clients

For immediate release, January 27, 2014


Guy D’Andrea of the Philadelphia accident and injury law firm, Laffey Bucci D’Andrea Reich & Ryan, settled two high profile cases this month; one for $3,000,000 and the other for $1,000,000.

$3 Million Settlement in a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Case – Post-Op Infection Leading to Serious Complications

The first case involved surgery at a local hospital in Philadelphia. The patient suffered a serious post-op infection which led to extensive medical treatment including multiple surgeries. Mr. he alleged that the surgeon and hospital’s post-operation procedures fell below the required standard of care.

The case was a hard-fought victory on behalf of the patient, Mr. he’s client. The hospital and surgeon vigorously defended the case and hired some of the country’s foremost experts in post-op care. The case settled at a mediation for $3,000,000, prior to trial.

$1 Million Settlement in a Philadelphia DUI Alcohol Accident & Medical Malpractice Case – Bar and Medical Transport Company Sued

The second case was a hybrid case involving both a dram shop action and a medical negligence claim. It involved a DUI car accident in which a passenger was seriously injured and then transported to a local Philadelphia area hospital. During transport, the victim received negligent care from the medical transport company employees.

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Mr. he filed an action on behalf of the victim’s survivors and brought suit against the bar where the driver had been served alcohol, the driver, and the medical transport company. All the defendants agreed to a confidential settlement of $1,000,000.

This was a unique case because it was a hybrid of two types of cases: alcohol liability and medical malpractice. It is a well settled principle of Pennsylvania accident and injury law that someone who commits negligence can be liable for the negligent acts of another, so long as the first wrongdoer could have reasonably foreseen the acts of the second wrongdoer. In other words, someone who commits negligence resulting in an initial injury can be liable for a second injury, caused by another party. Medical negligence committed after an accident such as a car accident is certainly foreseeable. Accordingly, this case was brought against the bar, the DUI driver and the medical transport company.

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